Crews Replaces 50 Cent on “Expendables”

One casting blunder corrected with word via AICN that the role of Hale Caesar in Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming action team-up feature “The Expendables” has been recast yet again.

A few days ago came word that due to a scheduling conflict, originally set star and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker had to bow out of playing the character who sends our group of mercenary protagonists on their mission.

The role was then recast with rapper 50 Cent which caused a wave of online backlash. Now it seems thankfully 50 Cent isn’t any longer involved either.

Instead former San Diego Charger Terry Crews will be taking over the character. Though no Whitaker, Crews is a step up and has delivered some solid work lately in a variety of films like “Balls of Fury,” “Street Kings,” “Norbit,” “Harsh Times,” “Soul Plane,” “White Chicks” “Get Smart,” and TV’s “Everybody Hates Chris”. He’ll appear in both “Terminator Salvation” and “Game” later this year.