Crew Talks “Solo” As Ford Crashes Interview

We’re still a week-and-a-half off from the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” with the early press interviews for the project having really only just begun following the film’s premiere earlier this week.

The original Han Solo himself, actor Harrison Ford, wasn’t in attendance at the premiere – letting the spotlight shine on the new guys, notably Alden Ehrenreich who is taking over the role in the film. Ehrenreich sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” for an on-camera interview about the role, during which time Ford did crash. The resulting meet-up can be seen below.

The visit comes as more details about the film have emerged, specifically factoids released by Disney regarding production and some more details about the key changes that took place once filmmaker Ron Howard came onboard.

First up, the interior Millennium Falcon set took three months to build and is the largest interior Falcon set ever made on any Star Wars film due to the addition of new areas. The cockpit set now boasts rear projection screens so the actors react to pre-designed animations flying. Also, the visual effects team digitally scanned over 500 characters, props and sets.

Separately co-writer Jon Kasdan tells Gizmodo that certain aspects of former co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s style remain very much in the film:

“What I think is true is that, beyond the drama, what we ended up with, ultimately, was the riches of these incredibly creative guys [Lord & Miller], all of their instincts. All of their comedy impulses survive in the movie.

We’ve got Ron’s soulfulness, his sort of laser focus on what the narrative is which, I think, is what he brings to the table. He’s ruthless in the [edit] and he’s ruthless about ‘Wow do we tell the story? What is the story here?’ And he’s gifted at mise en scene. When two characters are alone in a room, the way you shoot them makes a big impact on what the themes of the movie are.

The truth is what happened with Chris and Phil was really painful and something that no one involved literally no one wants to happen, but the end result is that five writer/director/filmmakers touched this story, put their handprints on it and I think it’s richer for it.”

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” arrives in cinemas on May 25th.