Creed Star Leads “Thomas Crown” Remake

In arguably the most unexpected news of the year so far, “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan has scored the title role in an upcoming second remake of the heist drama “The Thomas Crown Affair” at MGM and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Norman Jewison helmed the 1968 original which followed a rich playboy (Steve McQueen) who orchestrates a Boston bank robbery. A female insurance investigator (Faye Dunaway) is contracted to investigate the heist and she quickly deduces his guilt and goes after him. So begins an often romantic game of cat and mouse between the two, with she having to make a decision about what she intends to do.

The project was remade in 1999 by John McTiernan and starred Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. That switched the heist to the art world and both upped the chemistry and cleverness of the heists, ultimately becoming one of the few remakes that’s often considered better than its original.

No producer, writer or director is yet attached. Jordan’s “Creed” has so far earned $172 million worldwide for the studio.

Source: Variety