Creed, “Splinter,” “Recon” Films Are Coming

There’s been talk of them for a while, now Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures has confirmed at Cannes that they are developing 3D feature films based on three of its top video game franchises – “Assassin’s Creed,” “Splinter Cell” and “Ghost Recon” reports Variety.

“Assassin’s Creed” deals with the conflict between Templars and Assassins, two secret organisations with different ideologies who have influenced major historical events.

“Splinter Cell” follows an elite secret agent fighting world terrorism and struggling to protect his daughter. “Ghost Recon” follows a secret, elite team of soldiers fighting for world peace with cutting-edge military technology.

EuropaCorp CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet says UMP have been working with the games’ producers and Ubisoft’s marketing team to develop storylines that are consistent. The producers will travel to Los Angeles in June to meet with studios and agents.