‘Crazy’ Trio Reunite For Backpacker Story

“Crazy Stupid Love” directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and re-teaming with Steve Carrell on a new project reports Moviehole.

“we’re working on something with Steve also, that he’s producing. He’s not starring but it’s based on the idea he had. We wrote the script already,” Requa says. “it’s one of these three friends from college, but now they’re in their 40s, movies. They’re going on a European backpacking trip that they never did. And it’s filled with all this middle-aged fun.”

The pair also confirmed that while a sequel is going ahead to “Bad Santa”, the film which launched their Hollywood careers, they won’t be helming – “Yeah. They want us to direct it, but we said ‘No’. We’ll see how it goes. If it comes out great then that sells DVDs for the original. And if it comes out bad it makes the original seem that much better” says Requa.