“Crawl” Director Helms Amblin Ghost Film

Crawl Director Helms Amblin Ghost Film

“Crawl” director Alexandre Aja has signed on to helm an untitled interactive haunted house movie for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners.

Jeff Howard (“Oculus,” “Gerald’s Game”), Nick Simon (“Cold Comes the Night,” “The Girl in the Photographs”), and Aja are penning the film based on an idea by Howard and Mike Flanagan (“The Haunting of Hill House,” “Hush”).

Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology will work with Amblin to create the branched narrative project which will allow audiences to influence the storyline.

Using a phone app, audience members will be able to vote in the cinema to decide what characters will do at pivotal points in the narrative. The plot, ending and run time will change depending on the audience’s choices.

The project sounds akin to the PlayStation game title “Until Dawn” which used a choose your own adventure branch narrative blended with a horror film template.

Source: Collider