Crash Duo To Do McDougal Film

“Crash” co-scribe Bobby Moresco and Mark R. Harris are joining forces to turn the Whitewater incident into a feature reports Variety.

Susan McDougal spent 21 months in prison on civil contempt of court charges for refusing to implicate President Bill Clinton in the real estate scandal.

Moresco will write the script and direct. Harris and Moresco, who produced “Crash,” will produce the McDougal film together. They’ve secured rights to McDougal’s story, as well as her book “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk.”

The film may be ready in time for next year – just as Hillary Clinton vies to secure the Democratic Party nomination for president. Former president Clinton nevertheless supports the film claims Moresco and Harris.

The Clintons were partners in the Whitewater real estate venture with McDougal and her husband. She was convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges along with her husband and then-Arkansas governor Jim Guy Tucker. Clinton eventually pardoned McDougal.