Cranston Rumored For Next “Trek” Baddie?

A new rumor has suggested that former “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston has reportedly “had words with the studio” about the role of the villain in the upcoming third film in the rebooted “Star Trek” film franchise.

The site, Film Divider, claims the character is “Bryan Cranston-like” and a major new villain, but it’s unclear if it will be a new one (ala Eric Bana’s Nero in the 2009 film), or a reboot of an old one (Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan in “Star Trek Into Darkness”).

The site also claims that, in direct response into criticisms lobbed at the franchise, the film will introduce three new female characters – the ex-wife of Bones, a new Federation ship captain, and the female President of the United Federation of Planets.

None of this is confirmed, all that’s set at the moment is that the third film will pick up years after the events of ‘Into Darkness’ with the crew well into their famous five-year voyage. Filming on the next Trek is currently targeting an April start date in Vancouver.