Cranston Plans Phil K. Dick Anthology Series

Bryan Cranston is set to both star in and executive produce “Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick,” a ten-part anthology drama series for Sony Pictures Television and Channel 4.

Each episode is set to be a standalone drama, adapted and modernized for global audiences by a creative team of British and American writers. The series will both illustrate the writer’s prophetic vision and celebrate the enduring appeal of his works.

Michael Dinner (“Justified”) and Ronald Moore (“Battlestar Galactica”) will also executive produce the project which will be based on the short stories by award-winning sci-fi novelist Philip K. Dick.

Dick’s works have been previously been adapted for the screen with such films as “Blade Runner,” “Total Recall,” “Minority Report” and “The Adjustment Bureau” along with shows such as “The Man in the High Castle”.

Source: THR