Cranston, Cudlitz Cause “Tourist” Grief

Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) and Michael Cudlitz (Southland) have joined the mystery thriller “The Grief Tourist” for Vision Entertainment Group for Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions reports Variety.

The story follows a disturbed and troubled soul, Jim Tahana, who retraces the footsteps of serial killers who fascinate him as his hobby.

His dark obsession with past killers soon becomes his reality and leads viewers on a menacing and horrific journey inside his twisted mind.

Suri Krishnamma (“A Man of No Importance,” “New Year’s Day”) directs from a script by Frank John Hughes (“Band of Brothers,” “Catch Me if You Can”). Cudlitz, Zachery Ty Bryan, Adam Targum and Suzanne DeLaurentiis will produce.