Craig Or Ledger As Lost Lucifer

A blond James Bond or a gay Aussie cowboy – who’d make the better Satan one wonders. It seems both though are in consideration for the role in one of the biggest book to film adaptations ever conceived.

The New York Times reports that Vincent Newman, producer of the $100 million feature film of John Milton’s poem “Paradise Lost”, has pegged both actors as top choices for the role of Lucifer.

The film, likely to be directed by Scott Derickson (“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”), is based on John Milton’s 17th-century epic poem which tells the story of Lucifer’s fall and the temptation of Adam and Eve.

The writers are deliberately moving away from the Milton touches to the text and Adam and Eve aspect in favour of the war of archangels – the battle in Heaven between God’s and Satan’s armies.

The aim is also to make the Devil into a deeper and more interesting character along the lines of Henry Hill in “Goodfellas”. Click Here for the full article.