Craig Injured, More Villains Join “Spectre”

Daniel Craig is back to work on the new James Bond film “Spectre” in the U.K. following an accident earlier in the week. Movie extras were reportedly told to go home on the day Craig was injured.

Craig sprained his knee while shooting a fight scene at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. However the shoot has not lost any time or filming days according to a source, with Craig returning to work on Saturday.

In other news about the film, Jesper Christensen has reportedly completed all his work on the film as Mr. White. Christensen apparently shot all of his work in the UK for a scene that was “damn fine” he tells BT.

A few more casting additions have been made to the film with Belgian actor Marc Zinga, German actor Detlef Bothe and British actress Brigitte Millar having scored roles as adversaries in the upcoming movie.

Millar’s scenes are to be shot at Pinewood and in Rome later this year. Bothe has already filmed scenes on cable cars in Austria for the movie and he appears to be pursuing Ben Wishaw’s Q character for part of the film.

Source: Mi6