Craig, Goldblum, Rogen Casting Talk

Daniel Craig has revealed that Marvel Studios did indeed approach him to play Thor in the upcoming comic book adaptation as previously rumored.

Doing press for the new James Bond film, Craig revealed that he turned the role down, saying it would be “too much of a power trip” to play both Bond and Thor”.

Jeff Goldblum revealed over the weekend that he is open to the idea or returning for a fourth “Jurassic Park” feature but he’s heard that there’s no movement on the project right now.

Finally, Seth Rogen has said that despite rumors, he hasn’t been contacted about being part of “Ghostbusters 3” and thinks the whole idea of a sequel “sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it”.

Could a third “Ghostbusters” be any good? “I mean, that would have to be one mutherf**king good script” says Rogen.