“Crackdown 3” Sets A Feb 2019 Release

Crackdown 3 Sets A Feb 2019 Release

Microsoft used Saturday’s X018 event to announce a February 15th 2019 worldwide release date for “Crackdown 3” on Xbox One and PC. The long in the works game follows super soldiers reclaiming the futuristic metropolis New Providence as they take out the criminal syndicate TerraNova.

As part of the announcement a new multiplayer mode called ‘Wrecking Zone’ was revealed where two five-player teams work to defeat the other with a selection of superpowers abilities and powerful weapons.

The game also boasts a ten-person PvP mode Agent Hunter on the Blackout Zone map. The announcement was the biggest one to come out of the event which also showed off a trailer for a new game called “Void Bastards,” a brand-new competitive mode for “Sea of Thieves” titled The Arena, and news that all the “Final Fantasy XII” games are being made backwards compatible.