Could We Get “The Purge” Films Annually?

2013’s micro-budget sleeper hit “The Purge” set up a fascinating high-concept, and then proceeded to undercook it with a fairly standard home invasion thriller tale.

The upcoming follow-up “The Purge: Anarchy” in July shifts the actions to the streets with a young couple caught outside on the one night a year where all crime (including murder) is legal within the United States.

Speaking with Collider recently, producer Jason Blum says ‘Anarchy’ is “still very low-budget by Hollywood standards, but by our standards it’s a much bigger budget [than the first film].”

Asked if we might see an annual ‘Purge’ film ala the “Saw” and “Paranormal Activity” franchises, Blum says: “I hope so. I would love that. There are so many stories you could tell with it.”

Finally, Blum says with his micro budget films he operates on the first film being self-contained, whilst the second films setup the franchise and thus contain threads for future sequels. That will be the case with “The Purge: Anarchy” as well.