Could “Thrones” Overtake Tony Soprano?

A new chart over at Vulture indicates that current third season ratings has pushed “Game of Thrones” to become the second most popular series on HBO to date.

‘Thrones’ has been averaging a net total of 13.6 million viewers an episode this season. This is a combination of 5 million viewers for its first broadcast, over a million more for the instant encore, boost that figure by another 30% with DVR playback, 15% from further repeats, 15% from on demand viewers, and 6% from HBO Go. Each episode ultimately triples the audience from its initial broadcast.

The 13.6M figure is second only to “The Sopranos” which peaked with in its fifth season almost a decade ago when it scored 14.4 million viewers per episode. The next nearest rival is “True Blood” which reached a high of 13.0 million viewers in its third season.

Of course “The Sopranos” aired in a time with no HBO Go and little to no on-demand or DVR ratings. As a result it’s achievement of ratings that high remains an incredible feat.

Still, ‘Thrones’ remains very much on a growing path – having doubled its first season audience and adding nearly a million viewers just during the course of the current season.

Source: Vulture