Could “The Running Man” Be Revived?

Next year we’ll see Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the role that made him famous, the Terminator. Yet it isn’t the only role the actor and former Governor is planning to return to as follow-ups to both the comedy “Twins” and his two “Conan the Barbarian” movies are in the works.

Surprisingly though, Schwarzenegger revealed at a Q&A in England this past weekend that another films of his may be getting a revisit – 1987’s “The Running Man”. Talking with Digital Spy about his return to the “Terminator” franchise, he said:

“It’s an honor to be asked back after all these years, back to the franchise. This is really wild… They’re doing a Twins sequel, to be called ‘Triplets’ I’ve read the first draft. There’s rumblings of a new ‘Running Man’ movie, so it’s a great honor to be asked back… [Getting in shape for these sequels] comes back to bodybuilding, I’m used to doing cardiovascular training every day. Therefore I’m still in good shape, and I can do the action and have the energy to do these movies.”

The original film, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel, was a dystopian sci-fi action thriller which also sent up reality TV. Set in a totalitarian state, Schwarzenegger played a police pilot framed for a massacre and forced to participate in a popular game show in which he must escape death at the hands of professional killers.

If a follow-up were to go into production in the next few years, it would be released around the time that the events in the original film were set.