Could “Aquaman” Lose Director James Wan?

In the wake of “The Flash” film losing its director Seth Grahame-Smith yesterday over creative differences, the other directors attached to upcoming projects in the DC Comics film universe have come under more scrutiny and it looks like things may not be going so well.

A rumor over at Birth.Death.Movies indicates that filmmaker James Wan is “feeling tremendous amounts of trepidation” about directing the Jason Momoa-led solo “Aquaman” movie to which he’s been attached for almost a year.

The site says Wan is in the midst of figuring out if he really wants to stay on board the project or not, the hesitancy understandable considering the stressful experience he had on shooting “Furious 7” and the immense pressure all the DCEU films are under to perform for Warners.

Another issue is apparently Warners is trying to be more hands-on in regards to the future of the DC Comics movie universe after “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was a critical flop and the worldwide box-office of $856 million was strong – but not the $1 billion+ they obviously were hoping for.

With the first of the “Justice League” films in production in London, the studio is said to be trying to keep everything together. Wan has “The Conjuring 2” opening this Summer along with the horror film “Lights Out” which he produced opening later this year.