Costner In “Jack Ryan” & “Without Remorse”

Earlier this month came word that Kevin Costner was being sought for the co-leading role in Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan reboot at Paramount.

Costner’s character is William Harper, a true blue American idealist who recruits and mentors Ryan (Chris Pine). The character is a new creation but one akin to the part of Admiral Greer which James Earl Jones played in the first three of the previous Jack Ryan films.

Now, Deadline reports that Costner has accepted the part. Not only that, it appears they are working out a deal that will see his character also play a similar mentor-style role in the spinoff franchise “Without Remorse”. He could also potentially headlines his own film (making him the Nick Fury of the Clancy-verse) should the character prove a hit with audiences.

Christopher McQuarrie is slated to direct ‘Remorse’ which focuses on the John Kelly character whom Tom Hardy is being courted to play. Meanwhile, Branagh is set as the villain while Keira Knightley is the favourite to play the love interest in the Ryan reboot.