Cory Hardrict for “Battle: Los Angeles”

31-year-old Cory Hardrict is not just a rising star but one of the main actors involved in Sony’s upcoming, big budget alien invasion feature “Battle: Los Angeles”. Hardrict kicks ass alongside Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez as soldiers fighting to combat the extraterrestrial invaders, a role that many young actors would kill for.

“There where auditions going on for about a month and everybody was telling me about this… roles are very limited so we all know when there’s a great project floating around town. I knew my agent and manager were working really hard on it so I got a hold of the script keeping the faith I would get in for it, and I did” he says. Just getting in though was only, excuse the pun, half the battle. “I prepared myself like I was going to war for my audition and wanted to go in film ready then I had some callbacks met Jonathan Liebesman [the director] did my best then got the part, thank you Debra Zane, the casting director.”

His character is named Lockett, a young man from Chicago whom he describes as “a ball of passion, emotion and fearless all in one”. His back story deals with the loss of his brother who was in the military along with his mother. It’s a painful experience he himself understands all too well – “I lost my mother to leukemia years ago and my brother was killed a few years back and I’m from Chicago. So I used every moment of realism that I went through, to hopefully touch the people because its real” he says. All Lockett wants is to be accepted by his marine squad, because “his heart is pure he’s just misunderstood…he means well and would lose his life to save another in a heartbeat.”

All the actors went through about three weeks of boot camp in preparation for the five month shoot in Louisiana and from the sounds of it, things got quite intense – “we went through basic training, the whole nine with real marine sergeants who served who can eat nails they were tough, I mean there was nothing soft about this, it was blood ,sweat and tears from the moment we landed out there. I can say this was the hardest film I have ever been apart of but the most satisfying and everybody laid it all on the line.”

One standard question I always like to ask actors is what was the most exciting or interesting day for them on a shoot. Hardrict came back with an answer that many fellow cast members probably shared – shooting a big effin’ gun – “When I had scenes shooting the 50 cal tank OMGGGG, I felt like Rambo, I mean the kick on that thing was incredible I mean really everyday was BIG on set this film is the real deal – nothing fake about it, period. It was exciting going to work with these amazing actors everyday.”

Should the film prove an economic windfall for Sony, one wonders if there is any chance of a sequel? “Well, that depends I believe on the general public who supports the project. I mean it’s set up that way but we’ll see. This is classic film and I thank those guys involved for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and if we do it again then you can count on Lockett”.

Along with celebrating the recent news of expecting his first child with his wife actress Tia Mowry, Hardrict himself is keeping busy on other films – “I just wrapped a film called The Day which is another awesome project that would be out sometime this year, and I’m reading scripts and taking meetings I just have to be passionate about what I’m apart of its all that matters to me.” I wish the lad luck.