Coraline Studio Dumps Future Plans

After having such success with their stop-motion animated feature “Coraline”, Portland film studio Laika dismantled its computer animation department on Friday reports OregonLive.

The rather sudden decision for the studio to focus exclusively on stop-motion features means that 63 people have been laid off from the previously 243-strong staff.

The company originally set out to develop both stop-motion and computer-animated films, but will now only use computer animation on a limited basis – specifically to augment stop-motion.

The sacking of 63 staffers comes only a few months after a further 65 were sacked when the CG-animated feature “Jack and Ben’s Animated Adventure” was scrapped.

Henry Selick (“Coraline,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) will continue to develop new features for the studio as Laika’s supervising director. Their next project is expected to be announced shortly.