Coraline Studio Adapts Meloy’s “Wildwood”

“Coraline” animation studio LAIKA has optioned the film rights to Colin Meloy’s children’s novel “Wildwood”.

Meloy, front man for the indie folk rock band The Decemberists, penned this first book in a planned trilogy which follows a young woman named Prue McKneel.

When her younger brother is abducted by a murder of crows and taken to the Impassable Wilderness, an enchanted and forbidding forest on the edge of Portland, Oregon.

Within this secret world, Prue and her friend Curtis embark on a rescue mission and find themselves entwined in a violent struggle for freedom amidst warring creatures, peaceable mystics, and powerful figures with the darkest intentions.

The book was published last week. LAIKA is currently at work on the 3D stop motion animated feature film “ParaNorman”.