Coppola’s Megalopolis Still In Limbo

“The Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola’s long in-development dream project “Megalopolis” will remain on the shelf for a long time yet, if it ever leaves at all.

In an interview with AICN, Coppola says “I have abandoned that as of now. I’m now going to…I plan to begin a process of making one personal movie after another and if something leads me back to look at that, which I’m sure it might, I’ll see what makes sense to me.”

Coppola made his three 90’s studio pictures (“Dracula,” “Jack,” “The Rainmaker”) were done to get out of debt and make “Megalopolis” happen.

Things progressed quite far, but 9/11 and the years since have made a project of this type – a film about utopia in which NYC is a major character – almost impossible to do without drastically re-envisioning the work.