Cooper, Pettyfer Wanted For “Paperboy”

Offers are out to Bradley Cooper, Alex Pettyfer and Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara to star in the thriller “The Paperboy” at Relativity Media reports Vulture.

Based on the novel by Peter Dexter, the story follows the slacker son of backwater Florida newspaper editor and publisher who gets pulled into his older, big-city reporter brother’s investigation of a rural sheriff’s murder.

There’s also the question of whether the death-row inmate convicted of it was truly responsible. Cooper would play Pettyfer’s older brother. Vergara would play the wife of the inmate.

“Precious” helmer Lee Daniels was in town last week reading young actors for roles. Daniels has been linked to numerous projects of late including “Anna in the Tropics,” “The Butler” and “Selma.”