Coogler Helped With Black Panther In “Civil War”

It seems “Creed” writer/director Ryan Coogler didn’t wait until the solo “Black Panther” movie to get involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

io9 reports that Coogler saw an early cut of “Captain America: Civil War” and was asked for suggestions – especially revolving around the T’Challa character (played by Chadwick Boseman) whom he’ll help shape in the solo film. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige tells the outlet:

“Ryan came in and watched the movie. We did a little bit of additional photography here and there and Ryan did a pass at a couple of those scenes. So there’s a line or two that Panther says in the movie that Ryan contributed to. [Civil War screenwriters] Chris [Markus] and Steve [McFeely] absorbed it into their draft, put their spin on it and words to it, but Ryan has started to be involved in earlier cuts of this movie.”

Black Panther will first be seen in ‘Civil War’ on May 6th and today a second and third clip from the film has arrived, the first featuring Paul Rudd returning in the role of Scott Lang when he’s not in his Ant-Man suit. Seems he’s been kidnapped to help join Team Cap in their fight. Check it out, along with some of the guys appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, below.