Coogan, Dorff Commit To A “Catastrophist”

Steve Coogan, Stephen Dorff and Canadian rapper K’naan are all set to star in British director Nick Broomfield’s “The Catastrophist” for Lafayette Films, Escape Pictures and Blighty’s Channel 4 reports Variety.

An adaptation of Ronan Bennett’s romance novel which is set against the decolonisation of the Belgian Congo in 1959 & 1960, the story follows an apathetic Irishman arriving in Leopoldsville to save his relationship with an Italian journalist covering central African politics and committed to Patrice Lummumba’s nationalist movement.

Shooting will take place in Tanzanian mining town of Mwanza as the actual Congo is considered too risky to film, and will be the first foreign film to shoot in the country since 1962’s “Hatari”.

Broomfield and Paul Miller will produce. Broomfield shot the albino soccer team documentary “Albino United” in Tanzania last year.