Coogan & Brydon’s “Trip” Gets A Sequel

It looks like Michael Winterbottom’s acclaimed video journal comedy “The Trip” is about to get a follow-up.

The original was a six episode UK mini-series in 2010 which was whittled down to a feature length film which scored a release in the U.S. earlier this year.

Both versions were a video chronology of comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan playing fictionalized versions of themselves on a restaurant tour of England’s Lake District. The critics raved about it, calling it hilarious and biting.

Now, British Comedy Guide (via The Playlist) reports that the film’s producer Andrew Eaton has confirmed that a second season is currently planned with both “Coogan and Brydon heading to Italy for another culinary tour”.

There’s no guarantee said second series will get another big screen feature-length outing, but with the first pulling in over a million dollars in a very limited theatrical release States-side and scoring successful film festival turnouts – it seems likely.