Controversial Anatomist Film Planned

Stone Village Pictures will produce an adaptation of controversial comic novel “The Anatomist,” based on the true story of the 16th century surgeon who discovered the clitoris says The Hollywood Reporter.

Federico Andahazi’s book tells the fictionalized life story of Mateo Colombo, an “anatomist” whose desire for a high-priced Italian courtesan leads him to search for the physical source of love.

During the course of the script, Colombo escapes execution during the Spanish Inquisition, cures the pope, pens a controversial book and creates a “treatment” that causes women to fall for him.

Writer-director Gabriela Tagliavini (“Ladies’ Night,” “Perfect Lover”) spent eight months writing the adaptation after securing the rights a year ago. He will helm the $15 million production which begins a two-month shoot from October in Italy.