Constantine Tops New Show Social Media Study

A new study by Adobe has been tracking social media interest regarding the new Fall TV series. It appears only five of the new shows are attracting notably positive attention.

In fact Tamara Gaffney, the principal analyst at Adobe Digital Index, says more than 75% of shows are getting less than 100 mentions on social media sites a day, and only 10% are getting 1,000 mentions or more a day (a successful film garners around 18,000 mentions per day).

This doesn’t mean lack of interest so much as many of the new shows don’t know how to use social media. That said, it is a decent potential indicator of audience awareness, sentiment and anticipation for said shows.

Three of the five are the three big DC comic book shows – “Constantine,” “Gotham” and “The Flash”. The fourth is the high-profile spin-off “NCIS: New Orleans,” and the fifth is Shonda Rhimes’ new show “How To Get Away With Murder”.

All five shows have positive sentiment (over 60%). NBC’s “Constantine” seems to have the highest level of positive sentiment and is the most anticipated among social-media users. “Gotham” reportedly has the most international appeal.

The study reportedly analyzed more than two million mentions during the summer months.

Source: Deadline