Constantine Reboots As Syfy’s “Hellblazer”?

Could NBC’s “Constanine” live on in another form.

In November, NBC said they had decided not to order further episodes of their DC Comics series adaptation “Constantine” beyond the already produced thirteen episodes. The show has not done well in the ratings, but has a loyal following and a strong social media presence.

Around the same time as that decision, the network also pulled the plug on one or two other shows. They also indicated that unlike those shows, “Constantine” was still in contention for a second season renewal.

With the first season finishing up this week, where does the show stand? It turns out the network may have something else in mind. A report at Cinelinx suggests a fascinating (but wholly unconfirmed) rumor saying one big idea floating around right now is that the series may live on on over on the NBC-owned cable network Syfy.

Such a move to Syfy would allow the show to explore the darker and more supernatural horror aspects of the series and move it away from NBC’s more procedural elements. It also means the show wouldn’t be under such pressure ratings wise to deliver.

The report indicates the show could be rebranded as “Hellblazer,” just like the comic, but would retain the current cast and crew. Marathons of numerous episodes on Syfy reportedly performed very well for the network.