Conjuring’s “Nun” Adopts Hammer Horror Tone

Though the two “Annabelle” films are somewhat similar in tone to the main “The Conjuring” film series that spawned them, writer Gary Dauberman says the upcoming “The Nun” will take a slightly different approach.

Dauberman, who also worked on the script for this week’s box-office champ “IT,” tells Collider that fans of the films should expect a quite different movie with this new spin-off:

“Y’know, James [Wan] has been really particular and he wants each movie in the universe to have its own sort of flavor and its own sense of style and not feel like it’s just kind of a rehash of what’s come before and I think The Nun takes a really cool approach that, you know, we haven’t seen before in some of the other movies.”

A big part of that will be the atmosphere and tone of the project which Dauberman says that, though set in Romania, is taking inspiration from famed London-based studio Hammer Films who spawned many iconic horror hits in the 1950s and 1960s such as the Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee Van Helsing & Dracula films:

“It’s not … just based on the location alone, like where he [James Wan] was very particular about no, it’s gotta be in Romania because of certain story elements, but also because of the production value you get from like, a castle in Transylvania, and this big looming thing, and you get the cross and the fog over the graveyard. It’s very atmospheric, it’s very moody. We talked a lot about the Hammer movies and stuff like that as sort of an influence. So it’s got that kind of vibe to it that I think it’s just different and sets it apart.”

Corin Hardy directs “The Nun” which is expected to deal with the origin of Valac (aka. the Maquis of Snakes), a demon who served as the villain of the second “The Conjuring” film which will also turn one of its other spooks – The Crooked Man – into its own feature.

In “The Nun,” Demian Bichir plays a priest who travels to Rome to investigate the mysterious death of the titular character. Taissa Farmiga also stars a young nun named Irene, and Bonnie Aarons reprises her role as the demon nun who was also glimpsed in a photo in “Annabelle Creation”.

“The Nun” opens July 13th 2018.