“Conjuring” Writers Plan LaLaurie Mansion Films

Conjuring Writers Plan Lalaurie Mansion Films

“The Conjuring” writers Chad and Carey Hayes will team with Faster Horse Pictures for a series of haunted mansion horror movies.

The planned franchise will be built around the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, one of the most infamous ‘haunted houses’ in the world which hasn’t allowed any public access since 1932 and was owned by Nic Cage at one time.

Madame Lalaurie was a New Orleans socialite and serial killer who tortured and murdered numerous slaves there in the early 1800s. After her crimes were exposed following a house fire in 1834, she fled the city and was never arrested.

Thousands of tourists still travel to the city every year to visit the property and the Hayes are considering writing the first draft of the screenplay inside the house itself. The production intends to shoot partially on-site too.

Cindy Bond, Michael Whalen and Doug McKay will produce.

Source: Deadline