“Conjuring” Scribe To Pen “Body Snatchers” Remake

“The Conjuring 2” writer David Leslie Johnson has been brought onboard to pen a new remake of the classic paranoia thriller “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Based on Jack Finney’s 1954 novel, the story takes place in a small town surreptitiously invaded by alien pods that eventually become humans, copies of those who lived in the town but these show no emotion.

One by one, each citizen falls prey to them. A local doctor slowly figures it out and tries to stop it, and all the while never knowing who is real and who is an alien ready to kill.

The property has been adapted multiple times including three well-regarded versions in 1956, 1978 and 1993. The 2007 remake titled “The Invasion” famously flopped though.

John Davis will produce.

Source: Deadline