Conjuring Crew Talk A Possible Third Film

At the world premiere of “The Conjuring” sequel on Tuesday night, the cast and crew were on hand to talk about not just the new film but about the chances of the franchise continuing.

Certainly all those involved seem keen on a third one. Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes say they “definitely have a third in mind,” actress Vera Farmiga said “just ask me”.

The film’s director James Wan was more hesitant but still open to the idea: “It depends on what happens this weekend… there could be many more movies because the Warrens have so many stories.”

The films are based on the stories of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) with their most famous case being the Amityville Horror, the events of which take place between the first and second “Conjuring” film and won’t likely form a part of this series.

That leaves several other potential cases for the next film to explore, the most famous being the one which formed the basis of the 2009 film “The Haunting in Connecticut”. The case involved a former funeral home which the Warrens claimed to be infested with demons.

Source: Variety