Confusing “Star Wars: Ep VII” Villain Rumors

There’s been a lot of rumors swirling around regarding “Star Wars: Episode VII” this week and most of them sound speculative at best.

The juiciest was a POTENTIAL SPOILER FILLED story about the villains which ran earlier this week on fan site MakingStarWars. The site claimed the villains are being dubbed ‘Jedi Hunters’ who have been around for a long time, who worshiped the Sith and at one time were tasked with protecting them.

After the Sith were destroyed, they began to emerge from the shadows and so Luke Skywalker has spent much of the past thirty years trying to stop them from achieving their goal – resurrecting the Sith – which they will likely do at some point in the new trilogy.

TheForce.Net then refuted that story, saying it is “completely wrong. Nothing in the report is accurate” but not citing their source.

The report also indicated that “Jack Reacher” and “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” star David Oyelowo will be a part of the cast and potentially playing a live-action version of the same role he plays in the upcoming “Star Wars: Rebels” animated TV series which they think is the Imperial Inquisitor.

TheForce.Net pointed out that a recent clip from the show confirms Oyelowo is playing an Imperial agent named Kallus in the series, NOT the Inquisitor. It isn’t known for sure if Oyelowo will participate in “Episode VII” or not.

Today comes a new wrinkle. Latino Review reports that yes there are a group of villains vaguely aligned for the same purpose, but they’re not being called “Jedi Hunters”. Actors Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver are a part of this group.

They did add that some of the report is accurate, specifically that we’ll see black and chrome Storm Troopers in the film. There’s also reportedly been “shoots on a Star Destroyer set”, and a lot of the new design work for the new trilogy has used original (and often discarded) Ralph McQuarrie concept art.

How much of any of this turns out to be accurate, we’ll see.