Conan, “Hobbit”, “A-Team” Cameos

Several noted actors and directors and in talks for cameos and small supporting roles in various upcoming major features.

Dolph Lundgren tells MTV News he’s in talks to appear in a small role in the upcoming big screen remake of “Conan the Barbarian” franchise.

“Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Hellboy” helmer Guillermo del Toro tells The One Ring he’ll make an appearance as a small monster in his upcoming film adaptation of “The Hobbit” and he will personally sculpt the appliances that will be applied to his face and hands.

Speaking of “The Hobbit”, Viggo Mortensen tells Coming Soon he would be interested in returning as Aragorn in one of the upcoming two ‘Hobbit’ films, but admits the filmmakers are currently concerned with “the first part of that movie which doesn’t involve my character”

Finally the official fan site of actor Dwight Schultz reports that the actor will have a cameo role in the upcoming “The A-Team” film. Schultz played Murdock in the original series, a role being played by Sharlto Copely in the film. No word on what role Schultz will play but he’s already shot his scenes in Vancouver.