Compton Director’s Cut A Lot Longer?

With Blu-ray and DVD special features seemingly dying out, so to has the tendency for director’s cuts of anything but catalogue titles. That guideline doesn’t apply to this past weekend’s chart topping N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton” though as it looks like a director’s cut is coming.

In an extended piece for Rolling Stone, the film’s director F. Gary Gray revealed that the initial cut of the movie was over an hour longer than the 147 minute theatrical cut and that he hopes to get it out on disc eventually:

“The director’s cut is going to be great. Ultimately, the core of the story is about N.W.A and about the rise and subsequent fall of the group. There are so many points of view that to include them all, it would be a five-hour movie. But certainly, there are some things that are not in the movie that could easily be in the movie if we had the time… We focused on what we thought was important.”

Even with the lengthy runtime, the theatrical cut has been criticised for skimming over various elements and key events. One such omission that’s suggested to be in the director’s cut deals with the group’s notorious attitude and treatment of women over the years.