Compass Crosses $300M Overseas

Certain films always play significantly better outside America than they do domestically and vice versa. US audiences love superhero movies and teen comedies, but neither translate particularly well overseas. They also love Jason Bourne far more than anyone else, but overseas even the weaker James Bond incarnations have kicked Bourne’s ass.

On the flipside, fantasy films and historical epics rarely do well within the US but often do gangbusters overseas. Famously “Troy” took in only about 80% of its $175 million budget domestically, but it more than doubled that amount from foreign grosses alone for example.

Now, New Line Cinema’s “The Golden Compass” which many had written of as one of the biggest flops of last year, has found its salvation in foreign audiences. The $180 million-budgeted family film has made just $67 million in its six-week run so far domestically, but its more than quadrupled that amount overseas with a still growing $234 million haul that shows no sign of slowing.

Adding them together, the project has crossed the $300 million mark in global ticket sales. The film has proven particular popular in the United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea and Australia whilst it still has yet to open in Japan. The take certainly closes the wounds that the underwhelming domestic haul had caused, but aren’t enough to ensure a sequel.