Community Team Talk Shift To Yahoo

“Community” creator Dan Harmon moderated a panel at SXSW yesterday with the cast of the show’s sixth season which is currently in production. Harmon says only two more episodes of the season are left to shoot, with the first episodes premiering tomorrow exclusively on Yahoo.

Of course the big question everyone at the panel wanted to know – how likely is the possibility of a movie: “Yahoo seems down for just about anything. I don’t know why they’d turn their nose up to a movie about a low-rated show. They seem to be very naive.”

Speaking about Yahoo’s pickup of the series after NBC cancelled it, exec producer Chris McKenna says: “They finally figured out how to defeat us. They just let us have a show. Last year was hard because we were losing characters and there was just a lot to do…It was a lot of bills to pay and we’re still paying them.”

Asked about how the shift to an online platform has changed the content, cast member Alison Brie says: “It’s been a difficult question to answer from our perspective because there’s not a huge crazy difference. Dan’s weirdness, it’s just able to exist more. That’s more of the difference. In the smaller moments, when someone’s having a rant, that rant can live a little bit longer.”

The episodes are also confirmed to be running longer at 26 minutes each, as opposed to 22 minutes.

Source: Variety