Comments On New Batsuit, “Ultron” Script

Actor Mark Ruffalo is still doing interviews around Sundance and today was asked by MTV about the script for the highly anticipated sequel “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. He says:

“I would say that it’s better, it’s cooler, it’s more awesomer. It’s a little bit darker, but also really has Joss Whedon’s incredible witty and sly sense of humor.” He adds that his character of Bruce Banner/Hulk “gets to do such great stuff” in this.

Meanwhile, speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the SAG Awards over the weekend, Jennifer Garner talked about having seen her husband Ben Affleck’s new (and still unseen) Batsuit which he’ll be using in Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman” project:

“I’ve seen the suit. It’s unbelievably cool, it’s a total reinvention, it looks great.”