Comments Cool Down X-Files Buzz

Despite all the internet buzz, talk of an “X-Files” sequel seems a bit premature from the sounds of it.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have both been keen on the idea in recent interviews, whilst last week producer Frank Spotnitz said “A script is indeed in development” on his blog.

Now, a Spotnitz associate emailed Wired News this week and cooled down the talk a little – “Frank is very sorry but he cannot make any comments about XF2 right now but would be thrilled to talk when the time comes.”

When will that be? “A sequel to ‘X-Files’ has been in development for quite a while.” Have the leads committed to the project yet? “It’s not anywhere near that level yet.”

Interesting. The talk of readying this for 2008 seems to be premature if the script is still at such an early stage. Should be interesting to see who’ll say something next.