Comics To Feature Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

DC Comics have just announced plans for a “Justice League vs Suicide Squad” miniseries set to be published this December as part of a crossover. Check out the first art below.

The miniseries will last for six issues, with two released in December and four in January. Joshua Williamson will be writing and Geoff Johns had a hand in its development.

Basically going where “Suicide Squad” the film suggests it might for its next outing, the story has: “Batman questioning the need for Waller’s Task Force X in a world where the Justice League already exists. [Batman] decides to put a stop to it.” The series puts the focus on Batman, Amanda Waller, Killer Frost, Deadshot and an unspecified common enemy shared between the two teams.

Batman is also reportedly forming his own Suicide Squad from his Rogue’s Gallery this Fall in his solo-title from Tom King.

Source: The Wall Street Journal