Comic Con: “The Crow” Reboot

Filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez and comic creator James O’Barr appeared at Comic-Con yesterday where they talked about the upcoming cinematic reboot of “The Crow” starring Luke Evans.

Gutierrez says pre-production kicks off in October, and they are “soft prepping” right now. It’s Gutierrez’s vision for the character that reportedly changed O’Barr’s mind about doing the reboot:

“What brought me around after twenty years was Javier. Before talking with him, I was 110% against it. There was no point or need for a reboot. In my mind, you could throw a $100 million at it, put Johnny Depp in it and had Ridley Scott direct and it wouldn’t top what Alex Proyas and Brandon Lee did. I explained all of that the minute Javier arrived.”

So just what is Gutierrez’s vision that caused O’Barr to change his mind and come around to the project? Mainly that it won’t be a remake:

“It’s not a remake of the original. It’s a new interpretation. Of course, we have to fill some parts and new elements, but there was so much beauty and passion to the original. A lot in there we could do that was never done. That’s the main thing that captured my attention. We can do something original.

The darkness, the beauty, the violence and love. That’s what got me excited. A lot of fans responded to the original movie, but this is going to be different. This is going to give them some good gifts. We’re going to pull some stuff from the original comic that’s going to be tough and we’re going to do it in an original and artistic way.”

While we don’t know yet what Luke Evans will look like as Eric Draven, O’Barr created a poster especially for this year’s Comic Con which will likely give us a good idea of the character’s look in the upcoming film.