Comic-Con: Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures used Friday late afternoon to push four of its genre films, all science-fiction to some extent.

Of the four films on offer, it was Neil Blomkamp’s “Elysium” that posed the most interest and, unsurprisingly, walked away with the most talked about presentation of the group.

Despite unfinished effects, this follow-up effort from the “District 9” helmer has Matt Damon hunting a bureaucrat (William Fichtner) on a toxic Earth while the world’s richest 1% live in a space station high above it all.

Said footage went over well, the ensuing panel with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster included a few laughs such as when Damon was asked about “Team America: World Police”.

People loved Michelle Rodriguez at the “Resident Evil: Retribution” presentation, her presence a highlight of an otherwise disappointing segment with some so-so footage and a not particularly fresh Q&A.

The footage from “Total Recall” had a humorous nod to the original film with a woman who looked like Schwarzenegger making it through a customs checkpoint as Colin Farrell’s lead character tried to do the same.

The panel itself was fun, from Beckinsale’s over reaching of metaphors to Bryan Cranston talking about his motivations and trying to learn how to sign a swear word.

Also in tow this year was “Looper”, with Rian Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Joseph Gordon Levitt showing up – the latter to huge applause. Bruce Willis couldn’t attend due to his fifth “Die Hard” shooting commitments.

The banter was light and the footage strong, even if it seemed to give away a possible spoiler involving Jeff Daniels’ character. It and “Elysium” came out the winners here.