Comic Con: NBC’s “Hannibal”

Executive producer Bryan Fuller showed up at Comic Con on Thursday night to talk about the upcoming second season of NBC’s “Hannibal”.


The first season ended on a cliffhanger with FBI investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) behind bars and accused of murder.

Fuller confirmed that the second season will return in a two-parter followed by a courtroom trial in the third episode. Shooting on the new season is scheduled to begin in September.

Talking about the show’s current status, Fuller says: “We have the season arc crafted and its a doozy. We just finished breaking Episode 3 and we are breaking Episode 4 now.”

He added that the opening two-parter will essentially be a pseudo pilot that will reintroduce the characters who are now in very different places as several months have passed.

Talking about the gory murders they get away with on screen, Fuller says the only real time the network objected was the episode “Coquilles” where victims were mutilated to resemble angels.

Their objection is a testament to the warped world of American network executive sensibilities. The episode contained a shot of two victims naked in a bed. The network didn’t mind the visible ripped flesh or spinal columns, they objected to the visible butt cracks.

They allowed the shot to pass when the producers filled the butt cracks with blood so they couldn’t be seen.

The events of “Red Dragon” are expected to be adapted in a future season, and the pilot episode’s director David Slade says he wants to put that book’s “real ending” into the series.