Comic-Con: “Breaking Dawn Part 2”

Summit Entertainment launched Comic Con’s Hall H program with the panel for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2”, the much anticipated final chapter in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series.

The big surprise was the screening of the first seven minutes of the film. Said sequence showcased the vampire Bella exploring her now heightened senses, being taken over by bloodlust, and (in a clip later in the presentation) being taught how to act human.

We see Bella hunting, being distracted and racing up a sheer vertical rock face after she smells a cut on a mountain climber’s knee. There’s also a scene with Jacob where she admits she can now sense his werewolf stink.

The footage was solid – fitting in with the previous films, it also showed a lighter sense of humour and fun – something often missing from this sometimes too stolid franchise.

While director Bill Condon is currently busy in the UK handling the film’s score, the cast showed up to plug the film and talk about favorite moments on-set, how much of a family they’d become, and how the franchise as a whole had changed their lives.

Many of the secondary vampires were also introduced from Mia Maestro to Rami Malek’s characters with Erik Odom, who plays Peter, scoring the most cheers in the packed hall. Sadly none of them got to speak.

Before the end though, author Stephenie Meyer and filmmaker Andrew Niccol introduced footage from the film adaptation of her Body Snatchers-esque “The Host”.

Due to no context being give for this collection of scenes, it was hard to judge them as they didn’t explain much beyond the vaguest elements of the plot.