Comic Con: BBC’s “Sherlock”

The trio behind The BBC’s “Sherlock,” co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss along with producer Sue Vertue, turned up at Comic Con on Thursday to talk about the upcoming third series.

Neither actors Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman were in attendance, but the pair did show up in a fun clip made for the panel which has since gone online.

Moffat confirms that Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is definitely dead, joking that getting Scott back to play his corpse was “cheaper than a mannequin”.

The reunion between John Watson and Holmes, two years after Holmes’ faked death in last season’s finale, will be an emotional moment. Another of the big scenes of the next batch of episodes will be Watson’s wedding.

Also, Louise Brealey’s popular character Molly gets more screen time, and the overall episodes are said to have a slightly cheekier tone. The title of the final episode is slated to be revealed next week.

All agree that it’s merely a matter of scheduling to do further series as everyone involved is keen to do more, and the actors are officially commissioned for a fourth season.

Gatiss says the hopeful plan is to continue the show for many years to come. We could in fact see the characters mature and potentially end up at the ages we’ve seen them in other adaptations.