Comic-Con 2009: Lost, Smallville, Supernatural

More news tidbits from the various TV panels that took place during this year’s San Diego Comic Con:


* The show will arch back to the first season with several characters we haven’t seen since then coming back into the mix.

* Whereas Season Four was heavy on flash forwards and Season Five on time travel, Season Six is “something different”.

* The Dharma Initiative, which played a heavy role this past season, will barely be seen in the final season

* Despite their apparent fates last season, Faraday and Juliette will continue to be involved.

* One episode will delve heavily into Richard Albert’s backstory.

* Various faux ads played during the panel indicate some events seem to have been altered by the ending of last season.


* A new trailer showed off some surprising major events in the upcoming ninth and potentially last season, most notably the final shot where Clark dons an early version of the costume, black with a silver chest S and black trenchcoat, at some point in the season.

* Erica Durance is booked for eighteen episodes this season (last year it was just twelve). The footage also shows a sex scene between Lois and Clark.

* Chloe and Clark’s relationship will be very strained early in the season after the events of last year.

* The ‘Red Blue Blur’ will still be there, Durance says “Lois is dealing with being smitten with Superman and still finds Clark irritating”.

* Green Arrow’s storyline will get quite dark and ‘hit rock bottom’ by the end of the Fall episode run. He and Clark will have a testy relationship this year as well due to Clark’s powers and the successful blooming of his relationship with Lois.

* Metallo (Brian Austin Green) seems to be a big element of the first two episodes. Toyman and Roulette will also appear.

* Callum Blue’s Zod is a younger version of the character – Major Zod. As a result he doesn’t have the icy control of the older General Zod-era, and is trying to control the troops he brought with him. He’s unaware of both Clark and Krypton’s destruction.

* Lex is “absolutely not dead”, while a series finale is ready to go in case the show doesn’t get renewed.

* Chloe will start learning to protect herself this season and come into her own as the Watchtower operator.

* Though not locked, an appearance by Jor-El was teased as a possibility.


* With an all out Armageddon underway, the show will enjoy using twists on some famous Biblical stories. Don’t expect huge effects as due to the budget, much of the big scale action takes place offscreen.

* Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) will be portrayed as a nice guy, a sympathetic version using many elements from Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

* The four horsemen of the apocalypse will be introduced throughout different episodes of the season, though their ‘horses’ will be muscle cars.

* Whether the show gets a season six or not, the plan is to finish up the ‘apocalypse arc’ by the end of this upcoming fifth season, an ending that “will end with a bang…[and] be bittersweet”

* Unlike the very dark and almost morbid tone of last season, this year is the show’s “most hopeful” season and one of the most fun with the brothers seemingly back together throughout after some division last season.

* Castiel will serve as a recurring character, his angelic powers gone. Stuck on Earth as a human, Dean takes him to a whorehouse.

* The almost mentor-like character of Bobby (Jim Beaver) will undergo a “dramatic transformation” early in the season that shocked the actor when he read it.

* The fourth episode will involve a jump five years into the apocalypse-ridden future and will question whether fate can be changed.

* God, who has disappeared it would seem with the angels kicking off the Apocalypse on their own, will be involved toward’s the season’s end.

* Returnees include Ellen, Jessica, Meg (in a new body) and Rufus.