Comic-Con 2008: Watchmen

The biggest panel of the entire San Diego Comic Con this year was “Watchmen”, the film version of Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel. The entire main cast showed up along with original illustrator Dave Gibbons and director Zac Snyder.

While the release of the very well-received teaser trailer last week admittedly deflated some of the excitement of this panel, an extended and more extreme montage of footage from the film was screened to very excited response. Amongst the shots are a more grisly version of Dr. Manhattan’s creation, the second Silk Spectre and Nite Owl kissing whilst a giant nuclear explosion in the background expands outwards towards them.

There’s also an elderly President Richard Nixon, the Comedian in a bathrobe falling to his death, Manhattan disintegrating Viet Cong soldiers, Nite Owl sitting despondent in his garage, a young Comedian smiling to the first Silk Spectre while dressed in their 50’s garb, the second Silk Spectre pulling open the top of her superhero costume, Rorschach finding Comedian’s arsenal and more.