Comic-Con 2008: The Wolfman

Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt and makeup/FX guru Rick Baker all turned up on Friday afternoon to promote “The Wolfman”, Universal’s fascinating looking remake of the classic Universal monster movie.

A trailer played with lots of footage, including some quite grisly and bloody scenes such as one man being pulled into an empty grave and torn apart. The Victorian-era look and production design is truly luscious, but the film very specifically feels like one of the classic Universal monster movies with the way its shot and filmed.

From an attack on a costume ball to several shots of the Wolfman (del Toro) shuffling through misty woods, it’s all old-fashioned albeit richer make-up, cinematography and production/costume design. The creature itself was seen only in distance, short of the final shot from the site which is very convincing.

We see Anthony Hopkins as his father who obviously knows what’s going on, a bearded Hugo Weaving obviously on the hunt for the creature, and Emily Blunt as his love interest who in one scene is hiding against a tree as the creature runs past in the background.

Baker calls the project an “old-fashioned gothic film”. Despite the intricate make-up, Baker admits something like “Norbit” was more of a challenge in fact and with Wolfman he was “really glad to hear that they wanted it to be a man in makeup and a not a CG creature.”

Del Toro indicated that it wasn’t the hours of putting the make-up on that was exhausting, but rather the 90 minutes or so required to take it off afterwards.